Love and hate … and everything in between

A selection too overwhelming

My husband and I have been in the process of house hunting. We have been doing so for a while now (since last August) and I find the whole thing a bit overwhelming.

We started off looking into new builds – the idea intrigued me. To come up with a whole new design, straight from my brain onto walls, cabinets and floors. What could be better than a turn-key home?! I loved the hands on aspect, I loved the fact that I was part of the process. So what could turn me away from the idea? The same process that I just happily wrote about! As much as there is a good feeling about DIY homes – there is a large downside.

The wait period is a big factor. Just as I had found the home that I dreamed off, I had also learned of their lots sales and building periods. In the end we would be able to move into that dream home in late 2013! 2013!? I can’t possibly wait that long. In discussing and doing all our research (as we all should in such an investment) I had learned of the overwhelming design and decor knowledge that one much possess. Yes you can hire a designer but the added cost is significant when you are starting out. I spent a lot of time on the internet during these periods, looking at homes, designer pages, flipping through magazines …. the time spent was significant.

In the end we did move on. The time, cost and emotional toll was simply to great. So now we had moved on to resale homes. And yet what great factor do we now face?! Well the fact that it is very hard to get those beautiful new homes out of my mind! It is hard to come from a freshly painted, modern and sleek design into someone’s idea of decor and class. From neon green walls to blue carpet with matching couches … it is hard to get past … the ugly …. if I may 😦

The search now continues. My desire to settle down and have a home to call my own is great and very present in my thoughts. We have some potential homes that we want to see and yet it is so hard to go view the homes in person, when the pictures do not excite me. I must bite the bullet and go in … you never know what is hidden behind those neon green walls and the blue couches 🙂


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