Love and hate … and everything in between


Blazers are blazing

I have worked in an office setting for quite some time now. As I have to dress for my job (which is business attire) I do at times find it hard to be myself and dress to who I am, rather than what I do. One piece of clothing which I absolutely love are all my dozen blazers 🙂 I have every length, every style, and (almost) every color.

Working in an office – and being the youngest one at that – doesn’t leave much room to be creative when you are attending meetings and associating with important people. But I do find myself lucky enough to have those around me that really like and appreciate my sense of style at work.

I often pair my blazers with a dark dress pant, a solid color dress shirt and then add all my many blazers. If I am not wearing a blazer then I like to wear a lot of bold colored shirts, with lace, frills, bows – you name it! I do at times think that I can get away with my look because I dress my age – and as the years go by I know I will not be able to pull it off anymore without looking out-of-place in the sea of grey suits and black pencil skirts.

Below are a collection of photos found online that I love and would love to own 🙂 I take no credit for the photos and if they do belong to you please let me know and I will be happy to give you credit. Thanks for stopping by 🙂



Hair – the best frame for your face

I am now back from a wonderful week of vacation. Being on the beach, in the sun and by the water, I always wonder what to do with my hair. I have fairly long hair and most often than not I keep it up. But as I strolled along the beach side, I had noticed a nice trend that was happening in regards to hair styles – braids!

I personally love braids. And being Polish, the “crown braid” is a popular look for young girls so I often had my hair that way. But today the braid has taken a unique twist – pun intended 🙂 I love searching online for new hair style options and have collected a few sample I love to share with you all.

If you feel like trying out any of these styles, I would love if you could send a picture and let me know how it went. I admit, I find a few quite challenging, especially to do them on yourself 🙂


Backless … of the flirty kind

Short skirts, plunging necklines, bearing midriff – these are things that are seen regularly. But one area which I find to be beautiful and deserves to be displayed is the back! We see it often during award season, long elegant dresses worn beautifully by all the celebrities, and once they turn there is an unexpected reveal – and off go the camera flashes.

Being a regular person, wearing such gowns is not something that I can do often. But who says you need to go fully nude back there 😉 The degree of “skin baring” is completely up to you, and if you are like me, then a cute design is where it’s at! With summer soon coming up (I hope) it allows the creative juices to flow, and awakes the time to experiment in cute and fresh new looks that not only keeps you cool, but shows that inner runway model within to come out and strut the sidewalks in a fresh and flirty style.

Bows, bows and more bows

I have always been a fan of the  feminine look. Being a girly girl myself (even though I may not dress so very often) I love bright colors, patterns and anything that says “look at me, I’m a girl and I love it!” 🙂 One of those things that I have always loved was bows. I think they are so cute in all ways, shapes or forms.

Below are some of my favourite bow looks that I have gathered together from random places online. I do think it is a great statement to make, but I do believe that you should only have 1 bow on you at a time lol 🙂

Take some trials but when done well, what a look! lol


Some added bling.


Add a sweet twist on an otherwise sexy look!


Can't forget about those toes!




Lace is there for glam and for pretty

I have never been a fan of lace. For some reason whenever I saw anything with lace on it, I instantly thought back to my Grandma’s lace curtains. Being from Poland, our window treatments were quite different then they are in Canada – where Canadians prefer solid colors (either as a sheer drape or a solid curtain) or a solid curtain with a pattern on it and Polish people only had lace curtains up on their windows. And it is these lace curtains that I gre up with and what I think of lace.

Then suddenly I was at a store and I saw a beautiful knee-length, off the shoulder LACE dress and I LOVED it! I just thought it was so beautiful and delicate and oh so feminine and I really wanted it. This is where my new-found love for lace came from. And why my closet is quickly filling up with clothes 🙂

I want to mention that these photos are not my property and I had just randomly collected them online wherever I saw something that caught my interest, or friends have forwarded to me. So if any picture belongs to you and you wish to be recognized, please let me know and I will do so.

Below are some of my favourite pieces of clothing!

But lace doesn’t just have to be in the form of clothing – check out these great inspirations:


Beautiful for a wedding.

Table runner made out of lace doillies!

Dress up any simple candle votive.