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The love of my life …. in fur form :)

I would like to introduce my little furbaby – Juba (aka Jubie:)) I had her since she was a newborn and she has been with me since. When I received my news lens I knew I wanted to take a few shots of her – I realized that I don’t have that many which isn’t right!! Here are a couple of my favourite. For the full post, please visit my photography page here:


Backless … of the flirty kind

Short skirts, plunging necklines, bearing midriff – these are things that are seen regularly. But one area which I find to be beautiful and deserves to be displayed is the back! We see it often during award season, long elegant dresses worn beautifully by all the celebrities, and once they turn there is an unexpected reveal – and off go the camera flashes.

Being a regular person, wearing such gowns is not something that I can do often. But who says you need to go fully nude back there 😉 The degree of “skin baring” is completely up to you, and if you are like me, then a cute design is where it’s at! With summer soon coming up (I hope) it allows the creative juices to flow, and awakes the time to experiment in cute and fresh new looks that not only keeps you cool, but shows that inner runway model within to come out and strut the sidewalks in a fresh and flirty style.

Hel … of the cooler kind.

I added a few photos of my trip to a beautiful place called Hel in Poland. It is an island that has been closed off to the general public for the longest time and only a few years ago, did it become open for people to visit. I was lucky enough to be visiting Poland when that happened so my dad and I decided to tour the island, which was once a base station during war times.

Please visit my photography site for the full post:



Such a heart wrenching dilemma …..

House shopping! Your heart is invested into it. Your mind is running ramped with thinking about so many factors – both present and those that will affect you in the future. This is where I am at. I am torn between everything and anything. One thing that I do like about having a blog is that you can write down your thoughts and try to make sense of something.

My heart wrenching dilemma is in regards to a house. I know it may be a weird thing to get so torn about but this is how I am feeling at this time.

We found a house. A beautiful house. The house of our dreams. It has everything we want and more. Inside it is gorgeous and we see ourselves living in there and raising our family in the future. It is ideal in every single aspect …. except one. Even though it is only one single thing that bothers us it is, nonetheless, a very large concern – power lines! Power lines in the back of the house! Power lines in clear, visible view when in the backyard. Power lines that carry not only resale concern down the road, an eye soar to look at and most importantly, health concerns.

The power lines are roughly 100 meters from the house. They aren’t in our backyard, and there is a large enough gap before they start, but nonetheless, they are close enough to worry.

I read up on EMF (ElectroMagnetic Field) concerns, the fact that there are studies (even though inconclusive) that say the magnetic field it generates causes cancer and leukemia in children. It is a real fear and yet the more I research it, the more confused I get. Even though today there is no clear and solid proof of anything, how can anyone really know!??!!

I am worried to miss out of the perfect house and yet I am worried to take it because of health concerns. I know people will say that we will find another house we love just as much if not more – but I know myself and I know that this is it for me. I will love another house because I will have to – not because I will want to.

There is no real point to the post lol I just wanted to  get some feelings out and perhaps someone may read this and provide some real insight to my situation. I will not gamble with our health, but if I am perfectly honest, I do wonder how much of this is hype and set out there by social and media fear and perception and how much of it is real actual, proven fact!

I keep on going back and forth, and back and forth …. and even now back and forth … HELP!!!!


Here you can see the long row that runs all the way down a few blocks in the area.


This is the one that is by the house in question. It is more off to the side in real life but this is the only picture I have.


Bows, bows and more bows

I have always been a fan of the  feminine look. Being a girly girl myself (even though I may not dress so very often) I love bright colors, patterns and anything that says “look at me, I’m a girl and I love it!” 🙂 One of those things that I have always loved was bows. I think they are so cute in all ways, shapes or forms.

Below are some of my favourite bow looks that I have gathered together from random places online. I do think it is a great statement to make, but I do believe that you should only have 1 bow on you at a time lol 🙂

Take some trials but when done well, what a look! lol


Some added bling.


Add a sweet twist on an otherwise sexy look!


Can't forget about those toes!




My new baby is here!

And by baby I mean my new lens 🙂 I have been waiting for over 2 weeks now to received it and after a few Canada Post issues, I finally have the lens in my possession. I am excited to get out there and get to work in testing it out. Stay tuned for some new pics to come your way 🙂

Here she is … I apologize for the poor quality, my camera phone needs a fixing I think lol



Gdansk, Poland

A few years back my dad and I spent some time in Poland where I am from. After being away for so long, you tend to forget how beautiful a place truly is. I was so happy to be able to see my family and tour the country in the process. Below is a teaser of the incredible city of Gdansk. For the full photos please visit my photography page: