Love and hate … and everything in between


Cupcakes too good to eat

A good friend of mine has her own cupcake business and I had the great opportunity to take some photographs for her. She does custom orders and her work truly speaks for itself. If you are in the Ottawa area and would be interested in making an order or would like some additional information, then please contact me 🙂 Enjoy 🙂


Got photos?

I love to take pictures! I may not be a professional photographer but nonetheless I take all the pictures I can, wherever I go. One things that I cam guilty of however, is not fully displaying all those photos that I had taken. While the digital world is amazing for photography advancement, it tends to make you less motivated to do prints, albums or canvas.

I love searching things online, to gain inspiration and ideas on every aspect of life. One of these inspirations was on how you can display these photos that we all take. Below are a few of my selection from the web. hopefully some will inspire you to showcase some of those eye-catching photos 🙂

The love of my life …. in fur form :)

I would like to introduce my little furbaby – Juba (aka Jubie:)) I had her since she was a newborn and she has been with me since. When I received my news lens I knew I wanted to take a few shots of her – I realized that I don’t have that many which isn’t right!! Here are a couple of my favourite. For the full post, please visit my photography page here:

Hel … of the cooler kind.

I added a few photos of my trip to a beautiful place called Hel in Poland. It is an island that has been closed off to the general public for the longest time and only a few years ago, did it become open for people to visit. I was lucky enough to be visiting Poland when that happened so my dad and I decided to tour the island, which was once a base station during war times.

Please visit my photography site for the full post:



My new baby is here!

And by baby I mean my new lens 🙂 I have been waiting for over 2 weeks now to received it and after a few Canada Post issues, I finally have the lens in my possession. I am excited to get out there and get to work in testing it out. Stay tuned for some new pics to come your way 🙂

Here she is … I apologize for the poor quality, my camera phone needs a fixing I think lol



Gdansk, Poland

A few years back my dad and I spent some time in Poland where I am from. After being away for so long, you tend to forget how beautiful a place truly is. I was so happy to be able to see my family and tour the country in the process. Below is a teaser of the incredible city of Gdansk. For the full photos please visit my photography page:

Photography Launch

One strong step for me in regards to pursuing photography was made yesterday. I had purchased a new lens for my Canon camera. I am very excited about the purchase, and almost feel like it was my time as it was on a great sale 🙂 As I sent in the request and received an e-mail confirmation I smiled to myself knowing that it will soon be mind and I can really start capturing those photos that I have always envisioned I would.

My nest step is to get a new photo editing software program and I am happy to report that I am in the works in obtaining one. By that I mean I am doing some research … Any suggestions???!  The cost is high and that makes me a bit nervous – for you never know if it will be worth it!? Will you spend the cash and have it sit there or will you actually take hold of this resource and put it to good use. I think I will put it to good use 🙂

If you want to follow me on my photography journey please look at my additional blog:

My first feature is of the beautiful French Polynesia – the incredible island of Bora Bora 🙂