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Pets in relationships

Does this have a ring of truth?!

My family and I changed our lives when we moved to Canada when I was a very young girl. My family of four was all I had known and would continue to know for a few years after. Not being able to speak any English, it was very hard to find friends, let alone someone to talk to. What did my parents do to help ease our loneliness?? They got us a cat!

Today looking back I can say that that cat really saved us and made us a more loving and involved family to each other and to others. The true value a pet can bring – whether it be a cat or dog, rabbit, bird fish, you name it – it unimaginable. An owner feels love for and from their pets. It eases a hard day and offers comfort in tough situations.

Many of my friends who are in relationships had gone out and gotten a dog or a cat. A pet in a relationship can have a different meaning to different people: it can signify a deeper committment, a test run for future children or go a different route and can be a way to overcome any shortcomings there may be in the relationship.

Every since that first cat was brought to my life, I had developed a strong desire to constantly have a pet in my life. I have had 2 more cats since that first one and I do not see myself without one today. I am happily married now (and had brought the family cat with me) and even in a loving relationship – I still feel a need for my little pet.

I do believe that bringing a pet into a relationship can be a very good thing. When your partner adopts your pet as their own, your love for both parties deepens. Animals are very sensitive creatures and in today’s world, we can all use a little sensitivity. When I see my husband play with our cat, pet her, kiss her, sleep around her when she climbs on the bed with us – my connection to him deepens. I see how he cherishes and takes care of an animal which in turn only makes me wonder how great of a father he will be one day.

Love is a truly important thing in life. Everyone should feel blessed to love and be loved. It may not be enough on its own, but definitely makes everything a little bit more sweeter. And add-on a cuddly creature to the mix and I think you are on the right path to a truly genuine, happy life.