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Hair – the best frame for your face

I am now back from a wonderful week of vacation. Being on the beach, in the sun and by the water, I always wonder what to do with my hair. I have fairly long hair and most often than not I keep it up. But as I strolled along the beach side, I had noticed a nice trend that was happening in regards to hair styles – braids!

I personally love braids. And being Polish, the “crown braid” is a popular look for young girls so I often had my hair that way. But today the braid has taken a unique twist – pun intended 🙂 I love searching online for new hair style options and have collected a few sample I love to share with you all.

If you feel like trying out any of these styles, I would love if you could send a picture and let me know how it went. I admit, I find a few quite challenging, especially to do them on yourself 🙂