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Blazers are blazing

I have worked in an office setting for quite some time now. As I have to dress for my job (which is business attire) I do at times find it hard to be myself and dress to who I am, rather than what I do. One piece of clothing which I absolutely love are all my dozen blazers 🙂 I have every length, every style, and (almost) every color.

Working in an office – and being the youngest one at that – doesn’t leave much room to be creative when you are attending meetings and associating with important people. But I do find myself lucky enough to have those around me that really like and appreciate my sense of style at work.

I often pair my blazers with a dark dress pant, a solid color dress shirt and then add all my many blazers. If I am not wearing a blazer then I like to wear a lot of bold colored shirts, with lace, frills, bows – you name it! I do at times think that I can get away with my look because I dress my age – and as the years go by I know I will not be able to pull it off anymore without looking out-of-place in the sea of grey suits and black pencil skirts.

Below are a collection of photos found online that I love and would love to own 🙂 I take no credit for the photos and if they do belong to you please let me know and I will be happy to give you credit. Thanks for stopping by 🙂