Love and hate … and everything in between

Backless … of the flirty kind

Short skirts, plunging necklines, bearing midriff – these are things that are seen regularly. But one area which I find to be beautiful and deserves to be displayed is the back! We see it often during award season, long elegant dresses worn beautifully by all the celebrities, and once they turn there is an unexpected reveal – and off go the camera flashes.

Being a regular person, wearing such gowns is not something that I can do often. But who says you need to go fully nude back there 😉 The degree of “skin baring” is completely up to you, and if you are like me, then a cute design is where it’s at! With summer soon coming up (I hope) it allows the creative juices to flow, and awakes the time to experiment in cute and fresh new looks that not only keeps you cool, but shows that inner runway model within to come out and strut the sidewalks in a fresh and flirty style.


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