Love and hate … and everything in between

So let it begin …

… the love and hate … and everything in between.

The purpose of this blog is still unknown, as is the direction I will take with it. I have a lot to say, a lot of thoughts and finally a forum to leave them on. I have many passions – photography, DIY crafts and writing … in no particular order … and yet no clear goal or direction with any of those facets of my life.  I am to shy to pursue one aspect, to impatient for another, yet the desire to fulfill is still there.

I have a loving husband, a loyal pet and a complicated family. All reasons why I am the person I am today and all the reason why I strive to better the person that I am today.

With the New Year at hand, I have not so much a resolution but a true and honest attempt to fulfill my desire to be creative, to open myself to the world and to overcome the demons within. I hold a typical government job, starting my life with my husband as a newlywed and trying to survive in a greatly complex family environment. To overcome all issues would be the ultimate success in life and ultimately what one strive to achieve.

That desire starts today with the release of this first post. I thank you for starting the journey with me.


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